Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cupcake Rant

No recipe today, but hear me out:

I’ve noticed something recently while doing my usual food blog stalking. The latest fad is to use not one, but two cupcake liners per cupcake. I don’t get it. I mean, the point of a cupcake liner is to, one, make the cupcake easier to get out of the pan, two, to make the pan easier to clean, and three, to be cute. A second wrapper doesn’t make anything easier…so it makes it cuter? I don’t get it.

 Let me show you, from a few of my favorite blogs:

Remember those two cupcakes I made the other day? This is the original picture from How Sweet It Is. Two cupcakes should only need two liners, and yet there's four.

Confessions of a Cookbook Queen has a lot of adorable cupcakes, and a lot of them have two wrappers, like these cherry coke cupcakes. I don't get it!

 Irish car bomb cupcakes from Brown Eyed Baker. See a pattern here?

Sprinkle Bakes has a little bit of a different effect going in her sparkling champagne cupcakes. The cupcakes themselves are gorgeous, but the liners have a little bit of a Marlyn Monroe thing going. Just saying, those are some scandalous looking cupcakes!

So, I did a little research. And by research, I mean Wikipedia. This is a baking blog people, my research doesn't have to be legit. According to their article on cupcakes, “Some bakers use two or three thin paper liners, nested together, to simulate the strength of a single foil cup.” Stronger cupcake liners mean you can bake cupcakes without a muffin pan. That's fine and all, but something tells me that all my favorite food bloggers have muffin pans. Maybe. If they don’t, I’ve officially lost any respect for them.

Cupcakes are supposed to have ONE liner. That’s the way I’ve always made them, that’s the way my mommy makes them, that’s the way my grandma makes them, that’s just the way they’re made. I mean, I’ve even been known to make cupcakes without liners at all, but only if I’m out and don't feel like going to the store.

This is a pretty recent phenomenon from what I can tell. The Champagne cupcakes above are from this past New Years, but everywhere else that I've seen them is from spring and onwards. Apparently it's trendy to have two liners? The latest cupcake fashion? I guess?

I don’t get it. Is there some reason I’m missing here? An anti-eco-friendly food-blogger union or something? Do people bake the cupcakes with two wrappers, or just plop them in a second for the pictures? Does ANYONE understand this fad?! Because it's driving me nuts!

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  1. Hi there, baking with two cupcake liners doesn't help much. The first liner sticks to the batter and gets soaked and the second liner flairs up away from the first. These bakers use a fresh liner after taking it out of the oven to hide soaked and untidy liners. If you want the most perfect cupcake sitting within a perfect liner, there's something called grease proof cupcake liners, it has a thin layer of lamination inside that prevents seepage.