About Me


I bake and play horn, what more is there to know?

I'm a recently graduated Virginia Tech music major, and a baker by night. I'm obsessed with the Ewazen Concerto for Horn and String Orchestra, and everything Tchaikovsky. I don't care if he's dead, gay, AND married, I'm going to marry Tchaik someday. I hate condiments, especially ketchup. I try cooking healthy stuff, but I usually just give up and bake cookies instead. I'm convinced every kind of ice cream or frozen custard tastes better with hot fudge. In fact, many of the world's biggest problems could be probably be solved with a little more hot fudge.

Some day, I'm going to be the coolest band director in the world, because my kids will get homemade brownies whenever they play well. A little bribery can work wonders!