Friday, February 24, 2012

Strawberry Ice Cream

I did something naughty the other day. I made this.

See, I'm a little bit of an ice cream freak. I would stand outside smack in the middle of the drillfield on the coldest day of the year for some ice cream. It's the perfect dessert. And frozen custard, that counts too!

I was poking around online to find something to do with my leftover strawberries and whipping cream from the strawberry shortcake sushi, and figured ice cream might work. I mean, use the strawberries in the ice cream, make whipped cream to put on top, perfect, right?

That's where it started going downhill. See, I found a recipe for mango ice cream that didn't need an ice cream maker. You can sub out any fruit, and it uses the cream IN it, so I can get rid of it faster. Sounded perfect! I whipped up a batch, and took a taste.

Yep, that easy.
This stuff is too easy to make. Toss it in the food processor, then toss it in the freezer. Yeah, that's really it. My food processor's awesome and I don't even need to put it in another container to freeze it. Once it was all done, I took a bite. First reaction: holy crud that's sweet! I forgot that strawberries are a tad sweeter than mangoes, and didn't compensate with less sugar. Second reaction: holy crud that's good! Like, too good. This recipe is kind of a heart attack in a bowl. It's good, but I can only eat it a little bit at a time. Hence I'm not even giving you the recipe. Go make it if you want, but don't say I didn't warn you!

I've been poking around, and there are lots of recipes out there for ice cream without an ice cream maker. So this is my promise to you; I'm going to get you guys a good one. One that tastes like magic, but doesn't take forever to make, and doesn't kill you if you take a bite. It's going to happen, and you will love me for it.

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