Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Bread Saga, Part 4: Whole Wheat, No Knead Bread

Whoops, one more bread recipe! I promise I'm winding down on all this darn bread! This time I wanted to try a no-knead bread, plus I figured this would be a good chance to experiment with whole wheat flour. The recipe claimed to make FOUR loaves, which is a little more than I was hoping for, but like all no-knead doughs, this one lasts a long time in the fridge, so why not?

The recipe was pretty darn easy, toss everything in a bowl, let it rise, and bake away! I swapped half of the flour for whole wheat (for those of you who didn't pay attention to my epic bread research, you only want to swap half of your flour, or else the bread will be icky and won't rise.) I wanted actual loaves, like, from a loaf pan, rather than fancy-pants blob-loaves, so I could peanut butter and jelly them up, and pack a tasty lunch again!

The whole wheat part worked ok, I wish I swapped a little less flour, it tasted really really healthy, and I was just going for sorta healthy. The loaf pan failed pretty miserably. It didn't rise as much as I was expecting (because of the whole wheat flour, duh!) so it didn't fill the pan very well. My artsy little slices weren't deep enough either, so the gasses exploded out the side rather than through the slits, hence the mutant lopsidedness.

All in all, it didn't taste too bad, pretty normal. The other three loaves got used as pizza crust, which was great! The first pizza stuck to the stone, but a little extra flour fixed that for round two. The crust was super flavorful and rustic, it made a great simple white pizza!

TheI talian Dish explained the recipe far better than I can, from mixing, to storage, to baking. But anyway, super easy bread, tastes better than lame store-bought junk, and a great pizza crust! Maybe I'm not a total bread failure after all!

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