Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome Home!

I just got back from school earlier in the week, and I've been way too busy unpacking and cleaning and cleaning and unpacking to bake a thing. (Gasp! Jackie hasn't baked in a whole week?! What is this world coming to?!) Just in case you were wondering, little blue bugs can fit a LOT more useless junk in them than you would think. BUT for those of you who had to put up with my laments of not having a kitchen all last summer, the construction is done, and the new kitchen looks like it came right out of a magazine! Now you guys get to listen to me whine about how it took me 10 minutes to find a fork this morning...

 I promise we're not as stuck up as out kitchen looks!

Oh hello there, purple kitchen-aid mixer! I have a feeling we're going to be best friends this summer! <3

 Kitty knows he's not supposed to be up on the counter! But he also knows I'm a pushover and I love him best. Whoops.

 I mean, seriously, how could you say no to a face like that? Also, the dining room behind has amazing acoustics for practicing. Hope my neighbors like the Ewazen, because they're going to hear a lot of it this summer! Like, right now!


  1. Jackie your kitchen is beautiful and I am incredibly jealous!
    You are going to bake me lots of goodies and mail them to me, correct?

    By the way those cookies you made for the picnic were so delicious and I may or may not have eaten them for breakfast, and lunch one day :)


  3. Yay, purple mixer!

  4. This is awesome! Wish I had such a nice place to practice :P

  5. This kitchen puts our little cooking space in the apartment to shame lol.

  6. You're kitchen is INSANE! I'm expecting some delicious things on Saturday. :D